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Name : Gassem Mohammad Mustafa Alzoubi
Rank : Associate Professor/ B
Office : Physics Building Room # 107
Phone : 4940
E-Mail : Gassem@hu.edu.jo
Major : Physics

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   Welcome to my academic webpage @ the Hashemite University   














           Michigan State University (Norman Birge's Lab) 2006                  The Hashemite University, Jordan 2021

                   ( It is noticeable that I am getting older, but I am still capable of teaching and conducting research )    


Courses:                                                                      Nanoparticles Lab @ HU


General Physics I Syllabus  (Phys 101)

General Physics II Syllabus  (Phys 102)

 General Medical Physics Syllabus (Phys 109)

Quantum Mechanics I Syllabus  (Phys 362)

Quantum Mechanics II Syllabus  (Phys 364)

Physics of Materials and Heat Syllabus (Phys 141)

Thermodynamics Syllabus (Phys 341)

Statistical Mechanics Syllabus (Phys 442)


Phys 741 Graduate Statistical Mechanics ( Fall 2017/18 )

Syllabus            Special Integrals, Functions, and Series Sheet                                        


 HW # 1                   Solution

 HW # 2                   Solution

 HW # 3                   Solution

 HW # 4                   Solution

 HW # 5                   Solution

 HW # 6                   Solution 

 HW # 7                   Solution

 HW # 8                   Solution                    




Phys 761 Graduate Quantum Mechanics ( Fall 2016/17 )


Lecture notes ( handwritten ):                                             

  • Three dimensional motion                                     

 - 3D motion in spherical coordinates

- The free particle in spherical coordinates

-  The 3D spherical square well

- The 3D isotropic harmonic oscillator 

- The Hydrogen atom

  •  Angular momentum and rotation 

- Infinitesimal and finite rotation in QM

- Algebra of angular momentum

- Spin 1/2 Pauli theory

- Addition of angular momenta and Clebseh-Gordan coefficients 

- Coupling of orbital and spin angular momenta

  • Scattering              

- Scattering cross section and scattering amplitude

- Potential scattering and Born approximation

- Partial waves analysis

  • Stationary perturbation (time independent perturbations)

               -  Degenerate and non-degenerate perturbations

               -  The Stark effect

               -  The fine structure ( relativistic and spin-orbit corrections)

               -  Anomalous Zeeman Effect

               -  The variational method

               -  The WKB method (if time permits !!)

  • Time dependent perturbation theory   

( includes: transition probability, sudden perturbation, adiabatic perturbation, harmonic perturbation, and Fermi's Golden rule)



HW # 1            Solution

HW # 2            Solution                              

HW # 3            Solution                          First Exam          Solution 

HW # 4            Solution                          Second Exam     Solution

HW # 5            Solution                           Final Exam

HW # 6            Solution

HW # 7            Solution

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